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A Brief Introduction of Myself

Hello, all!  I’m Karina, currently a teacher out in North Pole.  I’m a Masters in Secondary Education student nearing the end of the road! I was lucky enough to get to take an Oceanography class this summer, so I’m really…

A couple of questions

I’m not sure exactly what sorts of things we are supposed to post to this blog, but I have a couple of questions, so I guess I’ll start there. My first question is about the silicon-oxygen tetrahedron.  The text says…

Welcome to Class Spring 2012

Dr. U. Kaden

Welcome to ED 694. As your instructor it is my goal to create an active open cyber-learning community to exchange ideas and share resources on the topic of science teaching. I work since 2008 for the School of Education at the University of Alaska in Fairbanks. My other teaching experiences include places like Germany, New Zealand, UK, and TX. My fields of expertise are in science (geoscience/physics) /mathematics education. I am actively promoting all fields of STEM education, duel enrollment options for students, and value an integrated approach to teaching. Flying gliders, travel, and photography are some of my hobbies. I  believe that all students can learn and that learning is an useful,  lifelong,  creative  and deeply human activity.

Honolulu Creek

Since this is an Earth Science class, I thought i’d ask if anyone has every explored that ravine at Honolulu Creek along the Parks Highway? It is on the right going south. I have driven past it for years on…