Author: wayne

Space Weather

This is a very infomative website that could be used in the classroom to spark student interset in space and astronomy.     It contains up to date infomation about auroral activity, solar wind, geomagnetic storms, metorites and more!


This is a  web-page that every Alaska educator should be aware of.       The Alaska Center  for Climate Assessment and Policy is great source for local information about climate change.

Weather Balloon Project

On this page a young man chronicles his ambitious weather  balloon project.     He designed a  balloon  to collect altitude, weather, position, and image data.     The results were quite impressive and he includes links to data and…

Point Barrow Coastal Erosion

This article adds a very personal element to the problem of coastal erosion in Alaska.   Along Point Barrow, Inupiaq graves have been unearthed because of the receding shore line.   When approaching this topic in the classroom, it is…