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I am going to go a little different on this posting.  I had the opportunity to mess around with an IPad a couple of weeks ago.  there is a great app called Star Walk.  This app can be used on…

Alaskan Weather This website has multiple pictures that show different climates of Alaska.  It covers temperatures as well as precipitation with in Alaska.

Clouds This website shows a video on clouds.  This video explains the different types of clouds, who named them, and some fun facts about wether and clouds.  This website also has a short quiz that can go along with the…

Alaska Coasts eroding This website shows pictures of the same coastline in Alaska.  It shows the erosion that has occurred over time from the waves beating on the coast line.  The coastline is in the Beaufort Sea.

Ice Age Archeology This video shows a study of Alaska glaciers and ice patches.  They have found in certain ice patches and glaciers that have artifacts that show ancient ancestors.  They go into Denali and study glaciers within the park.