Author: scastleberry

Tides website

This website posts data from water level stations at specific sites in the United States.   It would be a great way for students to read graphs in a more relevant manner as a possible webquest.   The students could…

Reef formation site

This is a site that gives a great overview of reef formation.   It has great illustrations mixed in with some actually pictures of coral reefs.   Very easy for students to read and understand in an interesting way.

The hazards of Hawaiin Volcanic Activity

The HVO, or the Hawaiian Volcanic Observatory, has a great website on their volcanoes…they kinda have to!   I thought the site about the hazards of lava entering the ocean would interest the students due to the danger effect of…

1964 Alaskan Earthquake

This is a really great video on the 1964 Earthquake in Alaska that destroyed Valdez.   If you are ever able to get the the museum in Valdez, it is worth the visit. The website below gives some information about…

Plate Tectonics in AK

I thought this was a rather informative link with some interesting tidbits about Earthquakes in Alaska.   Gives a couple of great visuals as well 🙂