Author: Rob Gumpert

I teach science for for grades six through eleven in Tanana Alaska.

Urban Heat Islands

Here is another important consideration regarding atmosphere and weather. Large urban centers tend to be much warmer than surrounding rural areas due to low albedo of paved surfaces and higher output of greenhouse gases. The difference in the evening can…

Real Time Weather Radar

The national weather service provides real time doppler data from stations around the country and a few overseas. The radar pictures are most interesting when severe weather is in the area.

Coastal Erosion on the Beaufort Sea

Here is a site with information and before/after pictures of coastal erosion along the Beaufort Sea. The satellite images provide a good view of how much damage has occurred in just the last 20 years.

Sea Ice Minimums 1979-2007

This site from NASA has a few different formats of an animation showing the minimum area of sea ice in the northern hemisphere from 1979 to 2007. It also includes high res images of the sea ice from each of…

1992 Mt Spurr Eruption

Here is a site on the 1992 eruption of Mt Spurr. It has some good pictures and information about monitoring methods and fallout from the eruption. I think an internet scavenger hunt would be the best way to use it.…