Author: Heather Bogardus

My name is Heather Bogardus and I live in Old Harbor on Kodiak Island. I teach grades 3-5, as well as middle and high school math. I am blessed to live in an area with a rich culture and strong connection to the plant world.

Astronomy This website has unlimited resources for the classroom.   There are animations for nearly everything…..from sun rotations to tidal bulges.   Long list of available activities!

Space Place This site is more elementary oriented but I think there is still a lot of info and activities for other ages.   Some of the images are great!


In an earler chapter I posted a great time lapse video of the coastal erosion in Alaska so for this unit I chose to instead post a lesson plan resource on tides in Alaska. This provides all the information…

Interactives for climate This link provides great information and interactive activities for teaching a unit on climate.   I love the carbon cycle and greenhouse effect animations.