Author: cballek

Alaska Land-forms and the Hydrologic Cycle

This website is a short description of the major geographic land-forms that make up Alaska and has links that can be used for further investigations. It would be good to use as a teaching tool to show students some of the land-forms in Alaska.

The animation of the Hydrologic Cycle is a good piece of material that could be used as an intro to the topic or a worksheet orientated assignment or even in closing before an assessment is taken.

Hydrologic Cycle

The Rock Cycle

The Rock Cycle

This is a nicely done video from the SchoolTube website. It is a brief walk-through of the Rock Cycle. It takes the path that rocks travel as they go through the rock cycle and it talks about the processes they undergo as they do so. I would use this as part of an intro to the Rock Cycle lesson. This video would allow for a hook if used at the end of the lessons intro.