Author: ashley

Seasons – Interactive

Here is a link to an interactive activity in which students learn the reasons for the seasons (just had to say it that way :). Best for middle school kids. I’d use it after teaching students about the seasons –…

Fun Weather Facts

This site is an amalgam of quick fun facts about weather. I might add them to a worksheet to spice it up or I’d start with some facts as a hook.

Interactive Atmosphere

This links to a short interactive activity in which students can learn about the layers of the atmosphere, the temp. and pressure changes, and some other info. (where jets fly, etc.). I would use this in a supporting role in…

Short Shismaref Video Clip

This a link to a 4 minute clip on Teacher’s Domain. It discusses climate change, the lack of sea ice and the resulting coastal erosion. I’d use it as a hook or as a clip to show erosion in Alaska.