Author: alix


This is a neat animation of the solar system that allows users to look at each individual planet or the entire system. Students would be able to focus on individual planets and perhaps write up a report on their assigned…

Northern Lights from Space

This youtube video is of an Aurora Borealis simulation from space. It is different view than what we see in the sky from Alaska each night. Students could view this while learning about Alaska’s unique weather features.

Hurricane Katrina Animation

This interactive animation shows the build up to and aftermath of hurricane katrina from 2005. It is well made and students would enjoy exploring its interactive features while learning about  a weather unit.

Ak Erosion

This site has pictures of coastal erosion from different years in Alaska. Students could simulate this type of erosion in a lab but with easily degradable materials to see the changes happen all at once.

Farewell Sea Ice!

A unique animation predicting how much sea ice will be present in 2049. Would be interesting to allow students to make their own prediction video for an assignment.