Hello, Earth and Space Science Fans!

Hi, I’m Liz and I’m a student teacher in Minto for the middle school and high school grades.   I’m having a blast with the students here and, lucky me, they’re doing Earth and Space Science this year, so I can directly apply the knowledge gained in our class to my lesson plans.   Minto is an Athabascan village about 3 hours outside of Fairbanks, on a gravel road off the Elliott Highway.   It’s such a beautiful place and with no city glare to interfere with enjoying the Northern Lights or starry skies, I can put a telescope to some good use.   I’m really jazzed to be taking this class, as I’ve had a lifelong interest in different aspects of geology and astronomy and want to become highly qualified to teach Earth and Space Science at the secondary level. My other areas of interest are Biology, History, and Social Studies.

Against my better judgment, I’ve attached a photo (because Dr. Kaden asked for it).   And because my kids are in college and it’s just me, the dogs, and the cat at home, I’ve attached their pics, too.   Let’s face it, they’re far less expensive and way less trouble.   LOL!

I look forward to learning with and from you this semester.

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