Introductory Ideas

If I were starting the school year with my own Earth Science class, I’d want to both introduce the students to me and to the subject.  I’ve traveled quite a bit around the world, and I am a fairly avid photographer, so I have lots of photos that would work to both introduce me and show how interesting Earth Science is.  I’m doing student teaching with two classes of Earth Science, and students often ask, “Why do I need to know this?”  I tell them, “You live on the planet; you ought to know how it works!”

I haven’t yet made it, but I’d consider making an introductory webpage for our class that put these images together along with a map and a brief description of each.  Images I’m thinking of:

  1. Climbing Taal Volcano, the most active volcano in the Philippines
  2. Images from the base and top of the Matanuska Glacier
  3. Thunderheads growing and hail falling over the prairie in Kansas
  4. Geothermal formations in Yellowstone
  5. Escarpment on the Great Rift Valley in Kenya
  6. Erosion in the Grand Canyon
  7. White gypsum sand dunes in New Mexico
  8. Underwater photos from Cozumel and the Great Barrier Reef
  9. Arctic sea ice off the Seward Peninsula
  10. Astrophotography of star trails, aurora and moon

I think the world we inhabit is a fascinating place, and I love that we can use scientific principles to understand it.  That is, in a nut shell, why I want to be a science teacher.  Plus, I’m looking forward to having summers off to go travel.  I still need to dive with Great Whites off of Cape Town, SA; trek across New Zealand; and visit Antarctica, among other things!

I don’t have a link to these images, but if you want any of the ones I listed above, I’d be glad to share them with you.  Just send me a message.