Surtsey the volcaneo my grandfather discovered

Here is my claim to fame as an earth science teacher.   My grandfather was a fisherman in Iceland, sailing on a boat of the south cost.   One day in 1963 the crew saw a puzzling sight. From a distance they could see a column of smoke rising up.   Fearing it might be a boat on fire they sailed towards the smoke only to find it rising from the ocean seemingly without a cause.

My grandfather was the boat mechanic so he figured to measure the temperature from a sample collected in a bucket.   Seeing that it was way beyond what would be expected in the winter in the North Atlantic he came up with the solution this must be the start of an underwater eruption.   Sure enough in an eruption that lasted over three years a new island was formed.

This site has general information about Surtsey and how it was formed.   It would be great for as reading assignment on island formation and underwater eruptions.

This website contains more information about Surtsey in particular how life colonies a new habitat so it would be an interesting read for either earth science or biology class.





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