Sea Ice Observatories


Well, it seems that this is my go-to source category with the AEIC, AVO, and now with the  Sea Ice Group at the Geophysical Institute.  All are observatory that monitor geological processes!

The group’s site links users to sea ice Webcams  of the sea-ice conditions off Barrow and Wales, Radars to monitor near-shore ice,  Sea Ice Break-Up Outlook  based on regional weather forecasts, and  Mass Balance and Sea Level Site which  measures snow depth, ice thickness, and the water-ice-snow-air temperature profile.

I would use this site and the data it provides to do a cooperative learning jigsaw presentation activity. In groups of 2-3 students would select one of the projects listed on the PROJECTS  page. They would read and research the project to create a 5-8 slide presentation about the project to present in 5 minutes to the class. The whole class would learn a great deal about current Sea Ice research in Alaska. It is a huge deal right now with trade routes opening in the arctic! Alaska is the US’ claim to a piece of the polar pie!

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