Cryosphere and it’s importance

The Cryosphere is the portion of earths surface where water is within its solid form, this includes sea ice, lakes, river ice, snow, glaciers, ice caps, permafrost, and ice sheets.   An important part of the global systems, influencing surface energy, hydro flux, precipitation, hydrology, and other atmospheric events.

I posted two links on climate change, passionate/ influential videos that can stimulate deeper levels of conversation about the frozen water on earth and how the planet is influenced by it.   As well, I enjoy videos with motives and intentions so to impassion students to do further research and find relevant applicable information.   In this case, car pooling, possible shift in diet, using more sustainable methods of every day living.

Here is a resource for teaching about the poles and the Cryosphere.   It includes interactive tools, powerpoints, and many images.

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