Well Water in Alaska

Ground water/ Well Usage in Alaska

Pros – Large land area with plentiful of groundwater associated with (Tanana Basin aquifer, Cook Inlet aquifer, River-valley alluvial aquifer)As well, Alaskan is assumed to require minimum treatment, although not much survey has been done in most aquifers

Cons-   Permafrost and rough terrain makes it extremely difficult to nearly impossible in some areas to access the aquatic systemsMany ground water have not yet been surveyed and studied to accurately detect particulates

Economic cost of extracting ground water can be costly and potentially hazardous to the environment.

Overall, Benefits come from the possibility of cleaner tasting water that have not been treated with heavy chemicals. Well water drinkers state that the taste quality of well water is generally superior than the ones that come from municipalities.

The cleaning process (if accessible) cuts down on pollution, as the filtering process does not require much machinery, if any.

People save money on their water each year, eliminating usage fee.   As well people can become more independent in their living situations







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