Alaska wildlife videos

I know this isn’t what we are supposed to be posting this week, so I will keep looking, but this site has some really neat videos.  Check them out, maybe something you might use while teaching.

So, here is a cool video from 1967 of the aftermath of the flooding of Fairbanks and Nenana, which brought about the China Flood Project.  This could be a neat introduction to the processes of rivers and flooding.

Here is a flight over the Tanana in a piper.  Take the kids on a tour of the river before you talk about it.

These would all be neat segues into flooding and how rivers change the landscape.

The first 12 minutes of this video is a way to put the rock cycle and the water cycle together.  Alaska has so many volcanos…


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  1. Bennett
    February 20, 2014 at 6:01 pm

    Thanks for the wildlife video Carl! There is always a use for wildlife in and outside of the classroom, especially in earth science and biology.

    River flooding is really interesting stuff, it’s always interesting to see how the local fauna and flora are influenced from it. Very nice videos! I ll definitely save them.

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