Kensington Alaska Gold Mine

The Kensington Gold Mine is located on the Lynn Canal between Juneau and Skagway, Alaska. It is owned and operated by Coeur Mining.

Kensington Mine Production:

                                    2012: 82,125 oz Au

                                     2013E: 108,000 – 112,000 oz Au

LINK: Current Exploration Project @ Kensington Mine

Location Map Kensington

Teaching Using Place Based Learning and the Kensington Mine:

Most high school students in Juneau will have family members or at least know someone who works for the Kensington Mine. It is a controversial part of Juneau and SE Alaska’s economics and industry. By discussing the geological exploration, development and production of a local mine students will not only learn more about their local issues but the science that led to the creation of the mine. I would invite two guest speakers to come into the class. One would be from the mine and would explain the process of discovering and developing the mine, the benefits for the local communities, and the methods they use to mitigate negative environmental consequences of mining. The other would be from a local NGO that opposes mining activities and they would be asked to speak to why they take the position they do. Students would then be asked to discuss in class the merits of both sides and write either an opinion paper or a technical paper about the process of mining at the Kensington Mine.




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