Topic: Alaska Gold Rush – Hook

GOLD FEVER IN ALASKA! Riches can be yours, but you’ll first have to travel thousands of miles by steamship, overland, and by small boat across some of the most treacherous country in the world! Did I mention you’ll have to walk hundreds of miles back and forth, up and down the Chilkoot Pass to bring all your gear (you must have enough supplies for at least one year when you reach the base of the pass or the Canadian Mounted Police will not let you through). Once you have successfully navigated all your supplies up and over the pass, you just have to build or buy a boat and cross Lake Bennett. If that wasn’t enough, you then have to float down more than 550 miles on the Yukon River to the gold fields in Alaska. Don’t be discouraged, it is only 1896 and you are among the first of the nearly 100,000 people (of whom only about 40,000 will complete the journey) who will be heading to Alaska to strike it rich. So what are you waiting for? The precious metal (yellow gold) is just waiting for you to find it and dig it up out of the ground. GOOD LUCK!