USGS Site for Educators

This website is the US Geological Survey’s contribution to educators to help them find useful links and resources to teach about the sciences. It contains animations, GIS data-sets, maps, worksheets, “Ask a Geologist,” articles, images and more; all listed by grade level.

There are many ways to integrate this content into a lesson or share it with students. One of the the resources that caught my eye was the GIS Lab and the simulation they have to explore Africa using ArcGIS. This would be a great way for students to become familiar with one of the most valuable tools we are currently using in earth and life sciences to visualize large quantities of data.

Another idea I had was using the USGS Professional Pages to have each student pick and research a geologist, climatologist, hydrologist, or meteorologist and report on their education, research interests, and publications. There are obviously other sites and private sector resources for this as well but this site has easily accessible profiles for USGS employees all over the US. It would be a good way for the students to connect classroom learning with real people and real jobs they might someday have.


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