Charles’ introduction


Hello all,

While I was born and raised in Northern California, I called Alaska home for ten years. Last year however, my wife, Mirjam, and I moved to her homeland – Switzerland – after she accepted a position working at a secondary school. I am currently working on my German and my M.Ed. My research interest is in technology integration in the classroom. Before joining the ranks of people for whom I have great respect – Teachers – I studied Natural Resources Management and Fisheries at UAF.

This class excites me for several reasons. First, I have missed taking science-content-specific courses. Second, I think this class can help me develop my own computer-efficacy to help me infuse science curriculum and technology in my future classroom. Third, I would love to take the Praxis exam for this content area and I believe this class will help me prepare for it.

I look forward working with you and getting to know you all a little better this semester.



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