Tumi introduction


My name is Tumi Traustason and I am a   Math and Science teacher at Star of the North in North Pole.   The school is a charter school serving at risk students, that have not found success in the district larger schools or are simply seeking an alternative small school setting.

Our students are in 7-12th grade, essentially one class per grade or about 100 students for the whole school.   I teach on the middle school side,  life science for 7th grade and physical science for 8th as well as three different math classes.

Originally from Iceland, my background is in Biology and Forest Ecology research, which is what originally brought me over to Alaska.   Here I made my home in and found my calling in education.   I completed the licencure program in 2009 and am hoping to finish my Master of Education in Secondary education this spring.

Having five different preps I sometimes wish I could dedicate more time developing new lessons.   I am hoping this class will fit in well in in developing new lesson ideas for a unit in Earth Science that I teach in the spring semester.






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