William’s Introduction

William Bostwick (640x512) (2)Hello, my name is William Bostwick. I was born and raised in Montana, thirteen miles east of Glacier National Park. I have visited Glacier Park around four or five times each summer in the past forty years or so, but Alaska’s beauty always seems to trump the memories of home. I am married and my wife is from Alaska, she is a Lathrop high school, and UAF graduate. I graduated from UAF with a degree in biology and a minor in psychology. I served in the Regular Army as an enlisted soldier after I graduated high school, and I exited the Army after Serving nine years on active duty. I have always wanted to teach as a means to serve my community, and I elected to study science as the content I wish to teach. I wanted to teach earth science as well, so I look forward to learning much from this course.

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