Pebble Mine –Discussion Lesson Plan Topic

Within Alaska there has been a rather controversial plan to harvest various minerals from one of the largest ore deposits in the world.

“By dollar value, slightly more than half of the value of Pebble is from copper, with the remainder split roughly equally between gold and molybdenum. Byproducts of silver, rhenium, and palladium metals will also be recovered.” (Wikipedia,para 5 under Reserves and Resources, October 8th,2013)

The lesson plan would be a discussion lesson plan format, proposing students to work cooperatively to take a position one way or the other regarding Pebble Mine exploration. They would need to support their position with facts, figures, and particularly addressing the impact one way or the other on those living in the area of the proposed mining area and possibly beyond if relevant.

This would make a very relevant place-based learning lesson plan.

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