Cook Inlet Oil – place-based Lesson

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Hope you are having a great week so far (okay so it is only Monday morning but hey, great has to start somewhere!). I decided to start building a place-based around…drum roll please… OIL! Okay, so it is not that original I know but I feel that it is important for Alaskans especially to understand what oil is, where it comes from, how we extract it, and what we do with it afterwards. Currently the Cook Inlet is undergoing a revitilization and for students in Nikiski that means boom time in their town. The majority of the families in this school work in the oilfield and our students will probably be entering this field when they graduate. So as a hook for this lesson I found the Cook Inlet Oil and Gas Activity Map ¬†from July 2013. This map is a great visual that helps students understand where we are talking about and who is involved in re-developing the Cook Inlet oil and gas. I especially like that it as a describe of each entity and where they are in the process. A ten minute discussion could jump start the oil topic and get students vested in the topic.


For part two of this blog I found this to help students remember the rock cycle. I am a HUGE fan of using songs in class. Last year I had great success playing corny “raps” that students would later sing during the test (to themselves) to remember the parts of the cell.

So that being said here is the corny rock cycle rap – enjoy!

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