Kara’s Short Story…

I got married this summer!

I got married this summer!

Hi all!

My name is Kara Abel (Bethune) and I am a sciene teacher working  on my master’s  in secondary education.  I just completed my teaching certificate work this summer and I am eagerly awaiting that piece of paper that makes me offical. I have lived in Alaska all my life except for 3 1/2 year stint in Colorado for undergraduate studies. I majored in zoology and will be certifiated to teach biology but I really love all types of science which is why I signed up for this course.

The most exciting highlight of my summer was I got married! My husband and I bought property in Nikiski and we cleared it to have our ceremony and reception right at home.   My picture is how I got transported to the ceremony, kind of fun! We are currently building our cabin and hope to be in before snow flies!

I am currently subbing and have been thoroughly enjoying seeing how other teachers operate and being in different classrooms. Several new ideas have come about from this experience. One important teaching point I have learned is what exactly to include on a sub plan! Sometimes teachers forget the important details – like where does a class meet when it is not in the teacher’s regular classroom!

I look forward to getting to know everyone throughout this course. G’day!

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