Introducing Earth Science

This website is designed as a companion to  books  published by Usborne Publishers, including “Encyclopedia of Planet Earth”, and provides  links to each topic covered in the books page by page.   I would have my students, during computer lab time, independently  explore the links on pages 16-17 of the  encyclopedia to activate background knowledge and generate questions we would share back in the classroom.   I could also display some  of the sites  on the Promethean Board in the classroom, allowing for student interaction.   These links often include interactive models and activities, videos, photos, and explorations.    We would continue to use this resource as we cover specific earth science content.   I would also refer to the links in the book “Earth and Space” which I own.   Additionally, there is a book entitled “Rocks and Minerals”   that would be valuable.   You do NOT have to own the books to use this website.

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