Pros and Cons of Owning a Well There are pros and cons to having a well in Alaska. Wells can be very expensive to drill, depending upon how far down the water table is and the depth of which may not be known until you get there, and you will need to pay for periodic well maintenance. Also, once you get to the water, it might not be crystal-clear drinkable water; it could require quite a bit of treatment before it stops turning your clothes and hair orange due to  high iron content  or until the arsenic or sulfolane is mitigated. In addition, a small household well can go dry if a larger, deeper well is installed in the neighborhood, as happened to the parents of a friend of mine.  On the other hand, if you have a well you won’t have to haul your own water, which requires buying a tank or containers for your  truck or car  and either hauling  the tank  on a trailer or keeping it in the bed of your truck, and may result in wear and tear on your  vehicle over the years and lower gas mileage from all that weight. Hauling your own water also adds some time to daily chores in town. Alternatively, you can have water delivered to your house, which is better for your truck and your schedule, but is more expensive. Also, keeping a tank/containers in your vehicle and a tank in/at your house requires some periodic cleaning, although not usually a lot.  The most  obvious pro to having a well  is always having water when you need it without having to bring it to your house.