The Changing Arctic Landscape: Glaciers

Then and Now: The Changing Arctic Landscape is a traveling exhibit created by Ken Tape, a UAF graduate. The exhibit was structured as follows:

  • Ken found many photos (taken in the 1950’s/1960’s) of glaciers documented in the UAF archives
  • Ken traveled all over the state of Alaska, taking photos of those same glaciers from the exact same vantage point
  • The photos are paired together, displaying the glacial retreat that is occurring










Ken’s inspiration for the exhibit came from his book, also called The Changing Arctic Landscape.

“A visitor to the Arctic might be struck by the apparent timelessness and constancy of the place, but that impression is misleading.’ –Ken Tape

I know Ken personally, and saw this exhibit at The Museum of the North. It is now traveling globally. The book is available locally, and I highly recommend it for any classroom in Alaska. The pictures are striking!


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