Flooding First Hand in Eagle, AK

The community of Eagle was devastated by a flood in early 2009. An ice jam further down the river backed flood waters, enormous trees, and chunks of ice larger than many homes into the small town. The water flooded over 38 feet above the banks of the River, leaving over 1/3 of the town population homeless, and cutting off Eagle Village from the town of Eagle.

Over three years later, the devastation is still evident in Eagle. Many families are still rebuilding, the banks of the river are completely missing in some areas, and a large chain-length fence lines the eroded banks to prevent people from falling off the cliff. High water marks are seen throughout the town. The village cemetery was washed away, and now a memorial exists along the riverbanks commemorating the flood and the deceased.

There are many pictures and video clips about the flood in addition to the ones I have posted below.

Anchorage News Story about the Flood

Slideshow of Damage

Photo Courtesy: www.cellar.org

Photo Courtesy: Preservation Nation

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