Alaska: A to Zinc

When we consider Alaskan mineral deposits, a short list usually comes to mind, most people think of gold or copper. Many students would be surprised to know that one mine in Northwest Alaska accounts for 79% of America’s zinc production. Red Dog Mine is the second-largest zinc mine in the world, as well as the fourth-largest lead mine in the world. The Red Dog website contains several wonderful video clips that talk about economic benefits, reclamation, environmental awareness, and the future of the mine. My favorite video talked about future plans for the mine, and is shown in the picture below.




Finally, the Red Dog Mine supports student leaders through the Red Dog NBA program, which rewards students with demonstrated outstanding scholastic performance and leadership within the community. Students from villages such as Kivalina, Noatak, and Kotzebue visited Washington DC, touring many landmarks and attending several NBA games.

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