Hello everyone!   Obviously it’s not me in the picture but he’s so much cuter 😉   My name is Heather Bogardus and I am a first year intern in the two year licensure program.   My content area is Earth Science.   I am currently at North Pole High School with a fabulous mentor teacher.   I am also a tutor at Badger Road Elementary and love sharing science with all age groups.   I have three fabulous hockey playing boys who make sure I am never bored in winter (and never home).   I am originally from Northwest Montana and realized a life long dream when I moved to Alaska ten years ago.   I have a vast array of animals (from dogs to ducks).   We try to raise/grow as much of our own food as possible and are very interested in sustainable living.   I enjoy all things outdoors as well as many domestic crafts.   I recently acquired an angora rabbit and am learning to spin yarn in my spare time (ha!).   I look forward to learning from all of you this semester!!!