Final Project

My final project for this course is on pyroclastic materials.  I have taught lessons on many aspects of volcanoes, weather, erosion, rocks, etc and wanted to do something different and specific.  When flipping through our textbook, pyroclastic materials really stood out to me and challenged me to create a new tech-lesson guide lite about them.  These guide lites are nice mini-lessons.  I hope someone can use it for their class in the future.  Enjoy!  UttereyukFinalProject

1 comment for “Final Project

  1. Dr. Kaden
    August 19, 2012 at 10:32 am

    This is a fine project. Interesting topic, good multimedia use, clear learning objectives, modular usable and expandable for any science class. Clean layout.Your title page is super:).
    I will share your project with my science methods class in the fall semester. Thank you very much for the interesting links you shared during the duration of the class. Your grade is posted on UA online.
    Good luck with teaching young kids about earth science. Keep me posted.

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