Astronomy & Space Science Links

The links I want to share for Astronomy and space science would help connect it to Alaska (which is how my students learn best, by relating the content to what they know).   The first link I would share information from is on the Alaskan state flag has great information about why our flag has the Big Dipper constellation and the North Star, Polaris.   (It was chosen for being Ursa Major the big bear which stands for strength.)   We could talk briefly about the symbolism on the flag and then connect it to the true space content: The North star and the constellation.


Polaris, the North star, is always easy to find in the sky and a key star for anyone adventuring outside at night.   This website uses pictures to describe why polaris is the North star in relation to the Earth.

This website has a short animation to find Polaris:

An a bonus animation to show the proper motion of the big dipper: