Animated Alaska forecast maps with isobars, isotherms, wind and cloud cover

The site I’m linking to here ( is useful for helping students visualize high and low pressure systems and how they move, as well as helping them gain familiarity with isobars and isotherms.  When you first open the link you should see a map of Alaska with the isobars prominently displayed and temperatures color coded across the state as well.  If you click the “play” button you will be able to watch a forecast of the way the high and low pressure zones on the map are expected to move.  The map will also show the predicted temperatures accompanying the pressure changes.  There are other map options to look at as well.  For example, the wind map shows wind directions and speeds across the state in combination with the isobars, the cloud map shows both wind patterns and predicted cloud coverage.  Examining these maps over a period of time will give students of sense of the weather around the state, how different aspects of weather are related and may even give them a sense of the difficulty of prediction the weather!