Yup’ik Legends & Volcanism

Living along the Askinuk Mountains, I know that volcanism has shaped the land all around me. I have heard rumors of volcanoes on the other side of the mountain, but have not seen them myself. The evidence I have seen is in the rocks on the ground including large quartz crystals (smokey and clear) that are easy to find. I love teaching my students in ways that incorporate culture, history, art, and science content. After leading a discussion on volcanoes and learning about the area around us, I would try to include a cultural component. One lesson I would create to help teach about igneous activity includes legends and stories from the Yup’ik culture. I found a website entitled “Volcano Folklore’ that helps lend ideas. The link is: https://volcano.oregonstate.edu/book/export/html/1015 Another website resource with a Cup’ik legend about a volcano from Chevak (the village right behind mine) is https://www.alaskool.org/projects/chevak/chevak/LessonII.html I would use the legends on these websites and other resources to inspire a dramatic representation of how volcanoes have shaped the culture and the land. This can be easily done by writing up parts for students to act out or by making scenes for students to act out in tableaus. If you are unfamiliar with using tableaus to help teach drama and content please check out thisamazing resource https://dramaresource.com/strategies/tableaux

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