Fort Knox Gold Mine

If possible, I’d like to take students on a tour of Fort Knox Gold Mine near Fairbanks.  Fort Knox employs about 500 people in Fairbanks and Pogo Mine (near Delta) employs about 300 people.  As such they are an important part of the Fairbanks economy, and I know that I have students whose parents work at Fort Knox or at the Pogo Mine.  I have toured Fort Knox before and I know they do a nice job of explaining things to students and making the trip a memorable experience.  Unfortunately, because the mine is 25 miles out of town a trip there takes quite a long time, which may make it difficult for my students to tour the mine, given our schedule and the other classes students would miss.

Although I know that many people frown on the use of Wikipedia, I think this Wikipedia article does a nice job of talking about the deposit, including the geology of the deposit as well as the operation of the mine.