A video to introduce Earth Science

This is a video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T20RT0GgOB4)  I might use to introduce students to the general topic of Earth Science.  I might show this video on the first or second day of class, after I’ve introduced myself and the class.  After watching the video I’d have each student jot down a short list of questions that they have about Earth Science – things they wonder about or things they’d hope to learn about in the class.  After writing individually I’d have them share their list with a partner.  Then I’d have each group of pair of students choose their top two or three questions to share with the class as a whole.  By sharing their questions in this structured way I’d hopefully get to hear something from everyone and also help students come up with more ideas and questions than they might think of on their own.  I hope this would help generate interest in the topics we’ll be studying while also giving me some idea of how much students already know and where their interests lie.