Unga Island Petrified Wood

This State of Alaska Department of Natural Resources paper was published a long time ago (it is almost a fossil itself, hah!)but still has really interesting information about Petrified Wood on Unga Island in Alaska.  The paper details in short chunks the island location, climate, geology, and an 150 acre petrified wood forest that the authors were trying to preserve.  As part of the Aleutian Chain of islands, it would be interesting to compare the maps and information from 1970 (when this was published) to today to see what has happened to the petrified wood since then.  Also, the illustrations and maps are a nice introduction to get students curious and interested in learning about how they formed and the geology involved.





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  1. Sarah
    June 6, 2012 at 10:55 am

    I just think the whole idea of a petrified forest is cool. I love seeing all those pictures of old stumps. etc. I think there are a few petrified trees out near Brown’s Hill Quarry in North Pole. Does anyone know for sure? Or how one can get to see them?

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