Hi, I’m Sarah

Hello Everyone,

I’m not sure if perhaps “everyone” is really just Anna, Dr. Kaden and me.  Anyway, my name is Sarah.  I teach 4-8th grade science at Barnette Magnet School here in Fairbanks.  I am working toward a master’s of ed in language and literacy at UAF and am particularly interested in helping students deal with the linguistic aspects of learning science.  I am excited about this class because for the first time I get to teach an earth science class at school this fall.

I have been teaching for a long time.  My first teaching job was in Adak where I taught middle and high school science and math.  I started that job in 1990.  I taught there two years before moving back to Fairbanks.  In Fairbanks taught middle school science and English, high school Biology and 3rd and 4th grade before moving to Peru and then to Nevada, where I was a full-time stay-at-home mom to our two children.   When we returned to Fairbanks I worked as an elementary reading tutor for a couple of years before getting my current job, which I’ve now held for 5 years – a record of longevity for me.  I’m still enjoying this job and will probably stick with it for a few more years before I decide to do something else. According to my pay check I work half-time, which works well for me.  When I taught full-time I never felt like I had enough time to do a good job, let alone be part of a family.

When I’m not teaching my very favorite thing to do is cross-country ski.  I also enjoy hiking, boating, biking and gardening.  My husband is really into growing things so we not only have a big garden but also a small orchard.  Our two kids are ten and almost-thirteen years old.  We also have a dog, a gerbil, some fish and a bunch of chickens and turkeys – oh, and several thousand honey bees!

I’m looking forward to working with you both (or all, if there are more of us) this summer.