Hello fellow science students!

My name is Anna and I am a teacher in bush Alaska who loves teaching middle school science and art.   I have a passion for science, social studies, and art.  

My family consists of my husband and our pets, we have 4 parrots and 2 dogs.   Our newest addition is a recently adopted a new English bulldog puppy that we named Bowser.  

My classwork is very important to me and I love furthering my education in every way I can.   I love to teach using as much technology as possible to really engage my students. Reading and video games are two of my favourite pastimes for when I am not preparing lessons, grading schoolwork, or teaching.

I have been looking forward to this class for a long time and am excited to get started!   My expectations of myself and the course are high, my only drawback is with technology.   I worry that our poor internet access out in the bush may hinder my ability to learn at some point.   Everything will work out though, I make it work out somehow.   🙂

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