Let Me Give You Some Space.

After continually getting stuck at space.com, NASA, Astronomy magazine, and numerous other sites that I’m sure have been posted (or will at some time during the lifespan of this course–they’re all awesome), I came across “The Little Web-Link That Could.” This grungy little site (it’s a classzone.com site so I’m guessing it’s linked to a text) is packed with animations and info on just about everything we’ve covered in this class. You could easily pilfer material to spruce up any powerpoint/lesson on a huge variety of Earth science topics. After looking through animations, I got stuck in the “Unit 7: Space” section under the data centers tab. Looking for lunar landing info I ran across a detailed account of the first lunar landing. Of course it’s a redirect to the NASA site, but it goes to show the depth and variety of information that has been compiled into one web site.

A glimpse of the sun viewed purely in the Ultraviolet spectrum. This interactive slide allows you to view the sun in different wavelengths of light.

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