Alaska earthquake websites

I found two good sites dealing with earthquakes in Alaska, after just a quick search.   This one, run by the Alaska Earthquake Information Center, has a picture of the state showing the most recent earthquakes with the time before present and the size of the earthquake.   AEIC also has information about earthquake preparedness and how to report an earthquake.   It would be good to introduce or reinforce the idea that the Richter scale is based on how strongly people felt the earthquake from how many miles away.   So if they feel an earthquake and report it, they are helping officials by giving more information!

This website is the NOAA tsunami center in Palmer, where I teach.   I have taken students there on a walking field trip so that they see what goes on when an earthquake hits and how they determine if a tsunami is going to hit.   On the front page it also includes the latest event, and where it was.

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