What do you “Zinc” about mining in Alaska?

These Red Dog storehouses are two of the largest buildings in Alaska. The white spots near the ground are large doors.

Gold mining in Alaska is world famous right? Have you seen our license plates? That’s not a snake crawling through sand dunes. So... Mines in Alaska must be mining gold… or… are they? Maybe you’ve heard of the yellow cat… um… blue squirrel… um… gosh. What is it? Oh yeah!.. THE RED DOG MINE!!! Do people mine Gold there?.. “Zinc,..” I mean, “think” again… Click  here  to find out what minerals are chiefly mined at Red Dog and why they are useful.

If students at your school have been issued laptops (like my school… which is funny because we owe over 4 million in back power-bills and now can’t run our AC during first period–I start sweating at 8:30 in the morning), the site address that I linked above could be given to the students–as well as a short intro assignment naming a few things Zinc and Lead are useful for. No computers? That’s ok. Just print the homepage info as a handout, or project it and read as a presentation with possibly a quick pop-quiz at the end.

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