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Alaska officials: No negative health effects expected from tainted wells in  North Pole

Sulfolane Plume in Groundwater: Evaluation of Community Concerns about Sulfolane in Private Water Wells

This article, just published by the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner on January 20 of this year, describes one of the cons of having a well in the North Pole area.   Residents of North Pole already know about the iron content of the water there, but there is a new concern about sulfolane contamination, an industrial solvent.   The contamination was detected back  in 2009 and as of this month, the Department of Health and Social Resources still won’t recommend drinking North Pole’s groundwater.   So certainly one con of using Alaska’s groundwater is the risk of contamination, and another would be the cost of drilling a well.   However, there are pros to having a well in Alaska, with the convencience probably being #1.   Many Alaskan resident  can attest to the time and effort it takes to transport water to their home, especially during the cold months when it may not always be possible to make a trip to town, but many people do it to save money and avoid contaminated water.