Pebble Mine Controversy

Commercial Fishermen for Bristol Bay

The Pebble Partnership

To begin a place-based  lesson on mineral deposits and mining in Alaska, I would provide students with these two websites and have them do a fast write of pros and cons for the Pebble Mine near Bristol Bay (providing them with iPads or laptops for internet access).   They are welcome to use other websites as well, these are just a good starting point: the Commercial Fishermen for Bristol Bay, a nonprofit organization  that has  a web page dedicated to their argument against Pebble Mine (mostly based on the enviromental effects); and The Pebble Partnership, the company behind Pebble Mine, whose website obviously outlines their argument for the mine (mostly based on the ecomomic benefits for Southwest Alaska).   I think these arguments could easily be expanded to the pros and cons of mining in Alaska in general, and then lead to a place-based lesson on the mineral deposits located close to home for Alaskan students.