Annette McDonough’s Bio

                    My name is Annette McDonough.   I grew up in Phoenix, AZ.   I have a BS in Physics and Math from University of Wyoming.   I am working on my Med in Secondary Education.  
                      I just moved to St. Mary’s, AK in August.   I am currently working as the 8-12 math, physics, and home economics teacher.   I am the Student Government representative.   So I stay pretty busy.
                      This is my first year teaching, before this I was a software engineer for Northrop Grumman working in Oklahoma, and California.
                    My husband works on the Slope so he is home three weeks at a time, then gone for three weeks.   He grew up in Kenai so he has been trying to convince me to move here for the past 7 years.   We have two kids, Marguerite (Meg) who just turned 7 and Kellen who is 5.5.   They are in kindergarten and 1st grade.   We love Alaska and can’t imagine living anywhere else!

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