1967 Fairbanks Flood

The 1967 flood was a significant event in the history of Fairbanks.   Those who remember it tell amazing stories of both the flood itself and the recovery.   There are tons of great pictures of this event.   With a little imagination and some basic geographic knowledge of Fairbanks, its possible to figure out exactly from where many of the pictures were taken.

I went to the UA archives and searched on 1967 flood.




This flood was caused by usually heavy rains during August of 1967.   Floods in Fairbanks can also occur during break-up do to rapid melting of the snowpack or the formation of an ice dam either on the Chena River or the Tanana River.

Its also interesting to note that the construction of the Moose Creek Dam and the Chena Lakes Recreation Area was a direct result of this flood.

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