ANWR – To drill or not to drill

It would be an interesting class activity to have students do in class debates of current issues in Alaska geography.   Potential topics include: drilling in ANWR, the Pebble Mine, the Healy Clean Coal Plant and the gas pipeline.   The class would be divided into groups of no more than four students per group.   Each group would be given a specific topic (i.e. pro drilling in ANWR).   Within the group, each student would be required to do research and given a specific assignment: presenter, audio-visual, paper writer, etc.   The pro and con groups would then debate each other in class.

There are innumerable websites on all of these issues.   Below are a few on the ANWR controversy.

Pro drilling –

Against drilling –

I just reread the assignment and we’re supposed to use this as a hook.   I’ll leave the lesson above as I already wrote it out.   But this could easily be modified as a hook.   Most students will already have some knowledge about these issues.   If the teacher reads the above articles, they should have enough information to counter student arguments and have a mini in-class debate.   If it goes well, you could even make it a regular feature and require or give extra credit to students for looking up information about the topic.

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