Intro – Bethany Essary

Hello, fellow classmates!   My name is Bethany Essary.   I’m a 2008 program graduate currently pursuing the M.Ed. part!   My bachelors degrees in are in bio and NRM (both from UAF also).   This year I am teaching Biology and Integrated Science 9 at Service High School in Anchorage.   However, I have also taught IS 7, Earth Science, Biological Science, Survey of Algebra, Pre-Algebra, Math 7, and middle school Forensic Science.   (I’m really hoping to teach the same classes two years in a row at some point during my career!)

I’m married with a son and a few animals, living here in Anchorage.   I’ve lived in a few places in the US, but have settled in up here and plan to stay a while. Like every other Alaskan, I like to hike, camp, play outside and knit.   🙂

I’m excited to refresh my ES knowledge and to learn how to teach it more effectively.   I’m really looking forward to this course.

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