Introduction – Brittney Johnson

Hi Everyone!

My name is Brittney Johnson, and I currently teach the fifth grade at Mountain View Elementary in Kenai, Alaska.  I am in the MAT Elementary Education program through UAS, which I plan on completing within the next year.  This is my fifth year teaching and my fourth year in the fifth grade.  I really enjoy teaching this level of elementary students because they are just reaching the stage where they can really delve into and understand deeper concepts…and, they still love and are excited to learn!

I am taking this course mostly out of personal interest.  Science is one of my favorite subjects to study and to teach, and I am hoping to not only broaden my own understandings and learn new information to share with my students, but to also learn new strategies and techniques with which to teach science in general.

In other news, my husband and I are expecting our first child in mid-December, so this will certainly be a busy semester!

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